Ph. D. School in Microelectronics

Department of Electrical, Computer, and Biomedical Engineering

University of Pavia



The goals of the Ph. D. School in Microelectronics are:

  • to create and disseminate knowledge for research and high-tech industrial activity for high-quality employment;
  • to enhance and expand the international scientific pre-eminence of the School;
  • to support international partnerships with both research centers and industries.

The vision of the School is that high-tech education is an essential means to support the technological and scientific growth of the new generations. It serves to create both professional figures with solid knowledge and positive background conditions for economic and social development.

For this purpose, the School aims to improve the students' professional skills as follows:

  • background knowledge of technologies, circuit architectures and the ability to use experimental equipment;
  • specific knowledge of modern high-tech electronic integrated systems;
  • team and interdisciplinary working;
  • creativity, problem solving skills and innovative ways of thinking;
  • ability to use simulation tools;
  • expertise in public speaking and report writing.

In order to achieve these goals, the School plans, besides the use of conventional technologies and CAD programs, training-on-the-job periods in foreign Universities or companies, meetings with international researchers from both public and private research centers, design and layout of integrated circuits to be fabricated on silicon and tested, and writing of technical reports and scientific publications for magazine or conference proceedings, according to a standard defined by the Academic Board.