Ph. D. School in Microelectronics

Department of Electrical, Computer, and Biomedical Engineering

University of Pavia

Ph. D. Theses

Ph. D. Theses

XXX Cycle

Kargaran Ehsan
Tutor: Danilo Manstretta
Thesis: High Performance Building Blocks for SAW-Less Transceivers and Design of Ultra-Low Power Receiver for Wireless Sensor Networks

Lacaita Niccolò
Tutor: Francesco Svelto
Thesis: Design and Optimization of a K-Band Low-Noise Bipolar Class-C VCO for 5G Backhaul Systems in 55-nm BiCMOS Technology

Lupo Nicola
Tutor: Edoardo Bonizzoni
Thesis: Resistive Memory for Space Applications: a Radiation-Hardening by Design Approach for Non-Volatile Memories

Elkhayat Moataz
Tutor: Piero Malcovati
Thesis: Interface Circuits for Sensors and Actuators

Salimath Arunkumar
Tutor: Edoardo Bonizzoni
Thesis: SIMO DC-DC Converter for Automotive Audio Amplifier (Restricted Access until 02/09/2019)

Tijani Saheed Adeolu
Tutor: Rinaldo Castello
Thesis: Self-Interference Cancellation Techniques for SAW-Less Transceivers

Zurla Riccardo
Tutor: Guido Torelli
Thesis: Analog Circuits Design for Non-Volatile Memories

XXIX Cycle

Allegri Daniele
Tutor: Piero Malcovati
Thesis: CMOS-Based Impedance Analyzer for Biomedical Applications

De Canio Francesco
Tutor: Lodovico Ratti
Thesis: High-Density Analog Circuits for Semiconductor Pixel Detectors

Iotti Lorenzo
Tutor: Francesco Svelto
Thesis: Design of mm-Wave Local Oscillator Building Blocks for Next-Generation Mobile Backhaul

Muratore Dante Gabriel
Tutor: Edoardo Bonizzoni
Thesis: A Study of Successive Approximation Register ADC Architectures

Sautto Marco
Tutor: Andrea Mazzanti
Thesis: Analog Front-End Circuits for Highly Integrated Ultrasound Imaging Systems


Baghbanmanesh Mohamad Reza
Tutor: Franco Maloberti
Thesis: Data Converters for Sensor Interfaces and Space Applications

Comotti Daniele
Tutor: Lodovico Ratti
Thesis: High-Density Microelectronic Systems for an Intelligent Read-Out of Semiconductor Pixel Sensors

Kiouseloglou Athanasios
Tutor: Guido Torelli and Fabien Clermidy
Thesis: Characterization and Design of Architectures for Phase-Change Memories Based on Alternative-to-GST Materials

De Berti Claudio
Tutor: Piero Malcovati
Thesis: Continuous-Time ΣΔ Modulator for MEMS Microphones

Loi Fabrizio
Tutor: Andrea Mazzanti
Thesis: Adaptive Analog Transversal Equalizers for High-Speed Serial Links

Ramella Matteo
Tutor: Rinaldo Castello
Thesis: Receiver Architectures for SoC Coexistence

Vergine Tommaso
Tutor: Andrea Baschirotto and Piero Malcovati
Thesis: Mixed-Signals Integrated Circuits for Physical Experiments


Fabiano Ivan
Tutor: Rinaldo Castello
Thesis: 2G-3G SAW-Less Analog Front-End

Garampazzi Marco
Tutor: Rinaldo Castello
Thesis: Performance Limits, Design and Implementation of LC Harmonic CMOS Oscillators

Girani Elisa Maria Emilia
Tutor: Rinaldo Castello
Thesis: Design of RF Wireless Transceivers in CMOS Technology for Mobile Applications

Zhao Junlei
Tutor: Francesco Svelto
Thesis: Insights into Wideband PAs for High Speed mm-Wave Transceivers

Heidari Hadi
Tutor: Franco Maloberti
Thesis: Current-Mode High-Sensitivity CMOS Hall Magnetic Sensors

XXVI Cycle

Bianchi Dario
Tutor: Andrea Mazzanti
Thesis: High Voltage Integrated Class-B Amplier for Ultra-Sound Transducers in BCD-SOI Technology

Codega Nicola
Tutor: Rinaldo Castello
Thesis: Adaptive Transmitters for Mobile Communications

Covi Erika
Tutor: Guido Torelli
Thesis: Integrated System for Fast Parametric Tests and Characterization of Phase Change Memory Cells

Hadipour Abkenar Kambiz
Tutor: Francesco Svelto
Thesis: Design of Building Blocks of a High-Rate Wireless Transceiver for Short-Range Communications

Liu Yao
Tutor: Franco Maloberti
Thesis: Multibit A/D Converters with High Resolution and Low Power

Mammei Enrico
Tutor: Francesco Svelto
Thesis: High Speed Analog CMOS Equalizer for Optical Fiber Dispersion in Next Generation Data Center Networking

XXV Cycle

Conso Fabrizio
Tutor: Piero Malcovati
Thesis: Very High Dynamic Range CMOS Interface Circuit for Gas Sensor Matrix Read-Out

Donida Achille
Tutor: Piero Malcovati
Thesis: Analog-to-Digital Converters for Switching Power Systems

Manazza Alessia
Tutor: Lodovico Ratti
Thesis: Mixed Signal Read-Out Circuits for Pixel Detector Systems Based on High-Density Microelectronic Technologies

Moroni Anna
Tutor: Danilo Manstretta
Thesis: Building Blocks for mm-Wave Phased-Array Receivers in CMOS Technology

Quartieri Emanuele
Tutor: Valerio Re
Thesis: Analog and Digital Blocks for Calibration and Read-Out of Active Pixel Sensors with Advanced Functionalities

Sosio Marco
Tutor: Rinaldo Castello
Thesis: Filtering ADC Based Analog Baseband Receivers for Wireless Applications

Zucca Stefano
Tutor: Lodovico Ratti
Thesis: Monolithic Pixel Sensors for High-Resolution Detection Systems in Advanced CMOS Technologies

XXIV Ciclo

Belotti Oscar
Tutor: Franco Maloberti
Thesis: Low Voltage Low Power Sigma-Delta Modulators in 65-nm CMOS Technology

Cartasegna Davide
Tutor: Piero Malcovati
Thesis: Study, Modeling, and Realization of an Audio Calss-D Power Amplifier in 0.18-µm CMOS Technology

Decanis Ugo
Tutor: Francesco Svelto
Thesis: Building Blocks for Frequency Synthesizers at Millimeter Waves

Fanori Luca
Tutor: Rinaldo Castello
Thesis: LC Harmonic CMOS Oscillators for GSM/WCDMA Frequency Synthesizers

Ghilioni Andrea
Tutor: Francesco Svelto
Thesis: Wideband Low-Power CMOS Analog Building Blocks for Millimeter-Wave Phased-Array Receivers

Li Dan
Tutor: Francesco Svelto
Thesis: Low-Noise Design Techniques for High-Speed Optical Receiver Front-Ends


Braga Stefania
Tutor: Guido Torelli
Thesis: Characterization and Modeling of Phase Change Memories

Caracciolo Hervé
Tutor: Franco Maloberti
Thesis: Design of Band-pass ΣΔ Modulators with High Performances in 0.18-µm CMOS Technology

Genesi Raffaella
Tutor: Danilo Mastretta
Thesis: Circuits and Architectures for 60-GHz Receiver Front-Ends in CMOS Technologies

Lollio Alex
Tutor: Rinaldo Castello
Thesis: Class-G Headphones Amplifier

Merhej Patrick
Tutor: Enrico Dallago
Thesis: Solar Cells Modellization and Power Management in Photovoltaic Generation Systems

Peña Perez Aldo
Tutor: Franco Maloberti
Thesis: Sigma Delta (ΣΔ) Modulators: Low Power Design Strategies

Pirola Alberto
Tutor: Rinaldo Castello
Thesis: A Noise Shaping Technique for High SFDR Baseband Filters

Rescio Gabriele
Tutor: Piero Malcovati
Thesis: Integrated Microsystems for Safety Applications

Spelgatti Giorgio
Tutor: Francesco Svelto
Thesis: CMOS Circuits for serial Interfaces Beyond 10 Gb/s

Vercesi Luca
Tutor: Rinaldo Castello
Thesis: Digital Phase LockedLoops for Wireless Communications

XXII Cycle

Agnes Andrea
Tutor: Franco Maloberti
Thesis: Very Low Power Successive Approximation A/D Converter for Instrumentation Applications

Avanzo Flavio
Tutor: Danilo Manstretta
Thesis: Efficiency Enhancement Techniques for Integrated Power Amplifiers in New Generation Cellular Applications

Baldrighi Paola
Tutor: Carla Vacchi
Thesis: Application Specific Instruction-Set Processor for Hard Disk Drive Servo Operation: the Microprogrammed Servo Sequencer

Belloni Massimiliano
Tutor: Franco Maloberti
Thesis: DC-DC Converters and Low Noise Amplifiers for Portable Applications

Bozzola Stefano
Tutor: Francesco Svelto
Thesis: Insights into the Design of mm-Wave CMOS Receivers for Gb/s Applications

Ferri Massimo
Tutor: Piero Malcovati
Thesis: Integrated Magnetic Sensor Interface Circuits and Photovoltaic Energy Harvester Systems

Gaioni Luigi
Tutor: Valerio Re
Thesis: CMOS Pixel Sensors and Mixed-Signal Readout Electronics in a 3D Integration Technology

Mastantuono Daniele
Tutor: Danilo Manstretta
Thesis: Linearization Techniques of DVB-H Tuners in CMOS Technology

Tedeschi Marika
Tutor: Rinaldo Castello
Thesis: Low-Power CMOS Transceiver Design for ZigBee Applications

Vecchi Federico
Tutor: Paolo Arcioni
Thesis: Design and Modeling Techniques for bulk CMOS mm-Wave Wideband Front-Ends